IP/optical integration

One network as nimble as the cloud

Integrate your IP routing and optical transport networks into a unified infrastructure with Nokia technology. Optimize your network resources, costs and performance to better compete in an on-demand world. You’ll like the benefits of one network as nimble as the cloud.

You need a more agile and packet-optimized network infrastructure. One that responds to new cost and performance pressures as services converge on IP and move into the cloud. Integrating your IP routing and optical transport networks can help you meet these challenges.

IP routing and optical transport technologies have many interdependencies and complementary strengths. Yet these synergies are often locked away in separate operational silos. You value agility, scale, and efficiency. Break down the silos. Benefit from a single cost-efficient and streamlined infrastructure that adapts quickly to changing traffic patterns and new ways of consuming network services on-demand.

Establish a converged multi-layer network infrastructure with unified control and open, software-defined networking (SDN) interfaces that leverage our state-of-the-art routing and optical transport technologies.

Integrate your network with Nokia

Your network, goals, and operational requirements are unique. With our comprehensive and flexible integration approach, you can maximize potential efficiencies and minimize the cost and effort of transforming and integrating your network infrastructure.

Our solutions encompass the data plane, control plane and management plane. So you can optimize the value of each technology, rationalize costs, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Get the flexibility to mix and match according to deployment and operational needs based on our broad portfolio of both IP routing and optical transport solutions. And benefit from our cross-domain, multi-technology approach to end-to-end management of IP routing and optical transport assets.

With our integrated IP/optical solution you can:


Optimize use of routing and transport assets


Cut operational costs with streamlined multi-layer operation


Consume and monetize resources with dynamic control

IP/optical networking 2.0: what it is and why we need it — 3 min 39 sec

Example NSP use case: Automatic topology discovery for IP/Optical networks — 3 min 8 sec

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