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Turn your data into business value

Mediation has evolved significantly from an off-line capability to collect and validate network usage records for the post-paid billing process. While batch-based, off-line data collection, aggregation, correlation, normalization, and notification functions are still relevant today, Mediation is now very much a bi-directional online function between network elements and business, operational and analytics systems.

Nokia Mediation (formerly Data Refinery) plays an important role in offering a seamless digital experience. It provides a layer of intelligent processing to enable real-time decisions and actions, and can capture and process massive amounts of raw data.

A vendor and technology agnostic solution, it captures data of any type and from any source: this includes connected devices, networks, locational data and services. The software then refines that data and sends it on to any target application – all in real-time. This allows service providers to utilize and monetize vast amounts of data available in digital operating environments.

Nokia Mediation hides the technical complexity of connecting the network and other data sources to the OSS/BSS with a unifying processing layer. Pre-integrated with the wider Nokia portfolio, Data Refinery offers a wide range of existing integration options with network elements and systems from many different vendors.

Over 130 service providers around the world are currently trusting Nokia for their Mediation needs.



Customers served globally


Of world’s mobile usage data handled


Customers with >1B xDRs daily


Typical TCO savings when replacing legacy systems

500 TB

Of data processed daily in single CSP environment

30 bn

Events per day at the largest customer

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