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Network Services Platform

Automate, manage and control IP and optical networks

Our Network Services Platform (NSP) helps you automate your IP, optical and microwave networks to simplify your operations, respond quickly to fast-changing demand, get the most from your resources and ensure maximum service performance and reliability.

NSP answers your need for more responsive, efficient and reliable networks with: 

  • A complete suite of ready-to-use applications that help your network operations teams cover all use cases for network management, orchestration and control
  • An SDN resource controller that lets your network engineering teams control the network and optimize traffic in real time
  • An open programmable platform that enables your engineers and developers to automate network operations and ease integration with orchestrators and operations support systems (OSS)

Network diagram

Multivendor management

NSP provides an integrated and comprehensive solution that automates operations for fulfillment, optimization and assurance across multivendor networks. NSP simplifies and accelerates service rollout, troubleshooting and OSS integration by abstracting the detailed, and often complex, operational variations between individual vendors’ products.

NSP makes this possible by onboarding, at runtime, your legacy and new network elements, whether from Nokia or third parties. This is achieved using its pluggable adaptors which support and mediate many standard and proprietary data models and a comprehensive range of management protocols including NETCONF/YANG, CLI and SNMP. NSP can also connect through other domain controllers using proprietary or open interfaces such as T-API.

Transport and core network slicing

NSP introduces new automated network slicing capabilities that enables you to streamline operations, reduce errors and meet high expectations for service velocity.



ROI for flexible bandwidth services


Less time and cost for on-demand service provisioning


More revenue-generating traffic on existing network

"In order for SDN to mean we can really improve our customer experience and impact our network economics, we need approaches that consider the real-time state of the network and relate it to the requirements of the service we provide. Doing so allows us to assure performance, and optimise resource usage across all our network layers. Tightly coupling service requirements and performance with network control, as in NSP, promises to deliver real-world benefits of centralised optimisation whilst exploiting the strength of our existing distributed network."

Rob Shakir / BT End-to-End Network Architect

"We applaud NOKIA's initiatives to bring closed-loop automation to networks, and to help apply these modern methods to the large installed base of technology - achieving business transformation even ahead of underlying technology transformation"

Grant Lenahan / Partner and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research Group

Awards and recognition


MEF18 – Carrier Ethernet / IP Technology Solution award for Nokia insight-driven IP networking (Nokia NSP+Deepfield+FP-4)


2016 Leading Lights – Most Innovative SDN Product Strategy award for Nokia NSP WAN SDN Controller


GlobalData – Reports Nokia NSP as “Leader” in Deployment Readiness and Solution Breadth in WAN SDN Controller: Competitive Assessment


ACG – Reports Nokia NSP as a Global Market Share Leader in SP Multilayer Software Defined Network (SDN)

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