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OpenStack Private Cloud for Large Enterprises

Transform your existing enterprise legacy environment


Beginning as an Open Source project in 2010, OpenStack®  ( has seen meteoric growth in the last few years. With literally thousands of corporate and individual contributors, it is now one of the leading platforms for both private and public clouds. Responding to customer demand, we’ve built a powerful and flexible enterprise private cloud architecture based on OpenStack.Our enterprise private cloud architecture addresses two key use cases for OpenStack: scaling OpenStack up to Webscale volumes and leveraging OpenStack in complex global multi-datacenter, hybrid cloud environments.

Connection is Mission Critical to Digital Enterprises

Our solutions in fact provide the mission critical communications infrastructure required for applications that provide a rich and globally consistent experience for end users or for digital transformation efforts across the board. As a proof point,our OpenStack-based private cloud solutions have been adopted by market and thought leading enterprises worldwide.



Leverage your current environment

With our overlay approach, enterprises can leverage their current environment yet create a leading-edge private cloud.

Unify distributed datacenters

Enterprises can unify even globally distributed datacenters into a cohesive, flexible private cloud with OpenStack orchestration.

Secure transactions

With granular, end-to-end network security, enterprises can protect not only their internal operations but also their interactions with customers.

Paddy Power Betfair and the Road to Their Production Private Cloud — 39:49

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Customer Cases


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