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Software-Defined Access Networks (SDAN)

Master your broadband complexity

What is software-defined access?

Software-Defined Access Networks (SDAN) bring platform attributes to the broadband network. It helps operators to realize the evolution of hardware-based networks to software-defined platforms by virtualizing much of the functionality. This speeds up innovation cycles in a cloud-native environment, leverages cost-effective software platforms to simplify IT integration, and scales up your ability to program and automate your network.

What are the benefits of SDAN?


  • Hardware and software layers can be scaled separately
  • New services and features can be introduced easily  
  • IT-like approach with DevOps and micro-services that yield shorter innovation cycles


  • Operations are abstracted from implementation
  • Provisioning and troubleshooting processes are simplified
  • Portability is maximized for future network evolutions


  • Networks are controlled by software functionality
  • Network routines can be automated and adapted flexibly  
  • OPEX is reduced via closed-loop automation, health analysis and zero-touch operations

Take your broadband into the cloud

The heart of Nokia’s SDAN solution is the Altiplano Access Controller. This cloud-native platform offers a complete suite of network management as well as SDN control functions to run a broadband network. It provides operators a single view to manage fixed services, leveraging policy-driven operations, powerful intent life-cycle management and real-time automation across a multi-vendor, multi-technology network.

To create an autonomous broadband network, based on open and standardized interfaces for cloud control and multivendor interoperability, explore the Nokia SDAN solution.  


SDN automation is crucial for the digital transformation of broadband access

Geert Heyninck, VP Broadband Networks of Fixed Networks talks about software-defined networking, network automation (SDAN) and cloudification in access. He explains how Nokia Altiplano gives operators the flexibility they need and how Nokia opens up their SDN platform with industry's first app marketplace for network automation, giving operators the ability to buy, customize, and build unique SDN-enabled applications to automate, support or gain new insights from their networks.

SDAN use cases


Network sharing and slicing  

SDAN has introduced a powerful and versatile way to create open access networks. Take a fresh look at your operating models and partition the access network into virtual network slices, that can be commercialized through flexible network-as-a-service (NaaS) consumption models.


Altiplano marketplace for network automation

The industry’s first app marketplace for broadband network automation. Opening up the Altiplano platform for developers, partners and customers to easily customize applications and build new ones. Automate operations, detect and fix faults, and provide insights for network planning and optimization.

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