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SpaceTime Advanced Analytics Technologies

Improve business outcomes with comprehensive, accurate analytics

Get more business value with advanced analytics

Nokia SpaceTime advanced analytics consider complex events and constraints in real time using techniques such as machine learning, streaming analytics and unique correlation. They deliver high-value, actionable insights that enable enterprises and governments to continuously predict asset failure times and optimize their operations.

Descriptive analytics

Discover what happened for a set of predefined periods or other attributes. Review historical performance and understand where operational improvements are required.

Diagnostic analytics

Establish why, when and where something happened. Determine the root cause of an operational failure or unexpected event and identify effective remediation options.

Predictive analytics

Predict a probable outcome based on past behavior and likely future operating conditions. Then use this prediction as the basis for taking preventative measures, estimating remaining useful life and reducing the impact of unplanned events.

Prescriptive analytics

Identify specific actions that will optimize processes, routes, schedules or plans. Use these actions to improve planning in uncertain conditions, schedule and position resources effectively, or determine the most cost-effective routes.

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