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SpaceTime Asset Performance Management (APM)

Get more value from your assets with advanced analytics

Our SpaceTime asset performance management (APM) application will help you enhance operational performance, improve capital efficiency and reduce OPEX by using advanced analytics to determine the health, criticality and failure risk of your assets. 

This solution lets you correlate data from multiple streams, including IoT sensor data, to gain a 360-degree view of your assets and business imperatives. It uses predictive analytics, condition-based monitoring and machine learning to deliver actionable insights that help you:

  • Minimize the risk of asset failure
  • Extend the life of your assets
  • Improve asset reliability and cost effectiveness
  • Meet your CAPEX and OPEX targets
  • Avoid needless maintenance, refurbishing and purchase costs


    Discover the advantages of APM

    Make sure your assets are helping you meet your goals. Use our flexible software to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure that asset performance aligns with your operational and business goals.

    Fix or replace assets before they fail

    Proactively calculate and compare the probability and consequences of failure for all the assets on your network. Then use these insights to determine whether to repair, refurbish or replace your highest-risk assets before they fail. 

    Plan CAPEX more effectively

    Develop detailed, data-driven capital plans that reflect true asset risk. Justify and support these plans with robust risk scores and what-if analysis that highlight the risks of inadequate funding.

    Improve operational performance

    Take operational efficiency to new heights with risk analysis that helps you identify root causes, adapt to changing conditions and maintain your assets proactively. And take advantage of easy-to-use tools that help you get better value and results from your field services.

    Who can benefit from APM

    APM offers new paths to lower costs and improved operational performance for a wide range of asset intensive industries, including:

    • Power utilities
    • Railways
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics
    • Oil and gas
    • Water
    • Mining


    Get full support from our services experts

    We offer a full suite of services that can help you deploy, configure, customize and maintain the asset performance management application. Our experts are ready to provide tools, solutions and best practices that will ensure that you get maximum value from the application. We can also host the application for you.

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