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Utility community broadband

Bring ultra-broadband services and enhanced power delivery to your community

Our Community Broadband fiber solution lets utilities extend gigabit access services to citizens and businesses in underserved areas. By offering these services, you can provide economic, education, and telemedicine opportunities that help communities attract jobs and job seekers and enhance quality of life. You can also build an operational communications foundation that will help you support smart grid and green energy capabilities.

Our Community Broadband offer includes our proven gigabit solutions. This comprehensive solution provides FTTH technologies that can help you extend voice, data, IPTV, and smart meter communications services to every home and business. A fixed wireless access (FWA) solution complements this fiber infrastructure to cost effectively reach widely dispersed homes in rural areas and realize aggressive rollout goals.

We support our ultra-broadband technologies with a professional services team that has helped bring the gigabit experience to communities around the world. With our innovations and expertise, you can deliver the benefits of ultra-broadband to your community today.

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