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Vo5G core

Build IMS voice communications into your new 5G services

Voice communications is essential to bundled service provider offers. Mobile subscribers expect it as a given component of their plans, and it plays a role in many of the new data services enabled by 5G. Launches of new 5G technology must include a plan for embedding voice into 5G services to be successful. Voice communications are provided by an IMS core providing voice as a 5G application service. IMS is the core engine for VoLTE and it is the same also for Voice over New Radio (VoNR). Introduction of VoNR is made smoother if the operator has already deployed LTE and VoLTE extensively.

5G Voice: There are two ways for operators to leverage voice in 5G.

  • VoLTE: When no 5G Core is deployed, the operator can rely on the underlying VoLTE network including LTE Radio, EPC Core and IMS to deliver Voice for 5G users while 5G eMBB services are delivered through 5G Radio and the enhanced LTE/EPC.
  • Vo5G/VoNR : When 5G Core is deployed, voice is leveraged using the 5G Core functions and IMS, while the 5G use cases are delivered by the NR and the 5G Core.



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