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Break down barriers to fiber deployment is an FTTH enabler lets network operators bring the speed of fiber to copper lines. With proven FTTx solutions and deployment expertise from Nokia, you can use to roll out FTTH faster and extend ultra-broadband services to every subscriber. breaks down barriers to fiber deployment

Like most operators, you want to use FTTH to deliver ultra-broadband to more people. But some locations are hard to reach with fiber. The effort required to trench cable, dig up yards, and rewire households varies widely, adding complexity and cost. is a proven technology that lets you increase the number of homes connected in areas with FTTH.

The right solutions will help you:

  • Deliver fiber-like speeds over the last meters of existing copper infrastructure
  • Reduce CAPEX by deferring the cost of extending fiber to every building and home
  • Extend ultra-broadband to locations where fiber deployment is difficult
  • Eliminate the need to enter and rewire homes and buildings

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