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5G mmWave for Fixed Wireless Access

Adding spectrum to the 5G FWA equation

Put 5G mmWave to work for your Fixed Wireless Access service

The arrival of 5G brought Fixed Wireless Access to the forefront by increasing capacity and radio efficiency. Today’s deployments are dominated by 5G mid-bands due to its balance of capacity and cost to deploy. With additional 5G spectrum in the mmWave bands becoming available in every major market, FWA can gain much needed capacity and shine even more.  

First, we need to overcome the challenges of mmWave in order to enjoy its benefits: attenuation, penetration loss, line-of-sight operation, can all be addressed with innovative solutions. Nokia is successfully solving these challenges with leading operators around the world. 


Put 5G mmWave to work for your Fixed Wireless Access service

Bring your Fixed Wireless Access offering to the next level with mmWave

Overcome mmWave challenges

Our 5G mmWave devices use high gain 360° antennas and advanced AI to enable indoor self-installation of Fixed Wireless Access in non-line-of-sight conditions. 

Use mmWave in more geographies

Nokia high-gain technology enables cost-effective mmWave FWA in urban, suburban and even rural deployments with 1 Gb/s downloads at distances over 7 km. 

Add capacity to your FWA offering

Use 5G mmWave from base stations as a capacity overlay that serves nearby subscribers, freeing the mid-bands for subscribers that are further away.

Where to deploy mmWave

Today’s mmWave is not just for dense, urban, small cell deployments. Now, mmWave can be economically deployed in urban, suburban and rural areas as part of a mixed spectrum strategy. Operators with mmWave and sub-6 GHz spectrum can use both together for a more robust FWA service and cost-effective deployment.

Enabling indoor self-install for mmWave Fixed Wireless Access

5G mmWave spectrum is now available in every major market, opening the door to true gigabit FWA services. But the currently preferred deployment model—dense urban—is limited and mmWave can do so much more.    

Nokia is working on new technology to make widescale mmWave broadband a reality sooner. A high-gain antenna with 360° field of view allows a FWA CPE to connect to a signal coming from any direction. We have combined this with intelligent algorithms that create a fingerprint of the radio signals in a room—direct, reflected or refracted—and can instantly switch between signal sources to ensure the best possible connectivity. These breakthroughs make customer self-install a possibility for the first time, as neither the precise location nor orientation of the CPE is a barrier to effective operation.  

We’ve had impressive results in our lab and field tests, paving the way for 5G mmWave solutions that will accelerate broadband connectivity around the world.  

Read our blog and download our technology white paper to learn more.

The rise of mmWave Fixed Wireless Access

New Nokia innovations now make it possible for 5G mmWave to be deployed in urban, suburban and rural use cases, at scale. Luis Martin Santiago, Head of FWA Business Line, Nokia Fixed Networks explains how.

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