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PSE Super Coherent Technology

Ultimate wavelength performance at any distance

Photonic Service Engine (PSE) Coherent DSPs

Nokia has been delivering coherent technology innovation to break through optical networking barriers since the first commercial deployment of a single-carrier 100G wavelength in 2010. We built on this success with the deployment of the Nokia PSE-2 super coherent digital signal processor (DSP), which achieved additional industry-first milestones.

Our new PSE-3 continues this innovation momentum by taking coherent digital signal processing to the Shannon limit for the ultimate in wavelength performance at any distance.

The first chipset to implement probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS), the PSE-3 dramatically increases capacity while lowering power and costs per bit. Probabilistic shaping enables carriers to optimize capacity and spectral efficiency on every route, and it reduces operational complexity by supporting simplified spectrum planning and automatic wavelength optimization.

These foundational PSE-3 and PSE-2 technologies power our broad optical networking portfolio. They place the right DSP performance in products to efficiently address the needs of all networking applications, including metro, long haul, data center interconnect, and subsea.


Evolution of PSE Technology

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