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New research from Nokia and Oliver Wyman sheds light on how the world’s service providers are dealing with disruption and defining their futures.

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Service providers are shifting their strategies in response to changing customer expectations, new competitors and differentiating business models.

Our Megatrends report uncovers industry best practices, shares successful transformation stories and reveals key themes to prepare service providers to evolve, innovate and reinvent.

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  • What are the major industry trends driving operator success? 
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Preparing for 5G

Be the first to market to offer not just mind-blowing 5G speeds, but entirely new capabilities. It’s going to be extraordinary. There’ll be new services, revolutionary applications and endless business opportunities.

Watch the video (2 min 55 sec) to discover industry trends and learn how to prepare for 5G capabilities

Customer experience advantage

In the years ahead, the success of your business will be determined by one thing: the customer experience.

Watch the video (1 min 36 sec) to learn how new expectations and standards will affect customer loyalty 

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Take advantage of every 5G opportunity

Be the first to market to offer mind-blowing 5G speeds and accelerate your customer’s digital experience.

Make the most of each moment when customer loyalty is won or lost in seconds

Discover how connecting intelligence in the 5G era helps you meet everyone’s expectations.

Create, deliver, assure and monetize services in the 5G era

See how to simplify your operations and connect the network to the business.

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Best practices for 5G transformation

Gain insights into 5G strategy best practices based on research conducted in partnership with Analysys Mason.

The AI opportunity for telecoms

Based on interviews and a global survey of CSPs, explore the strategic and business opportunities enabled by AI, and approaches to overcome the barriers to implementation.

The future of operations in the 5G era

Discover how to connect the network to the business in our video series

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