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Nokia Mobile Networks and Bell Labs 5G Cloud Native RAN Professional Certification


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Professional level

Entry level course, requires no formal pre-requisite


Requires only 5.30 hours to complete the entire course

This is your path to know about Cloud Native RAN. With this program you will learn the technology fundamentals and architecture on Cloud Native RAN and this will prepare you for further journey in Cloud Native RAN. No prerequisites are required for attending this course, however it will be good if you have basic telecom technology understanding.

What will I learn?

✓ Know about Cloud Native RAN technology

✓ DevSecOps for Cloud Native RAN

✓ Know about Cloud Native RAN architecture

✓ Microservices architecture for Cloud Native RAN

What skills will I develop?

  • Cloud Native RAN
  • Technology
  • Microservices architecture
  • Lifecycle management
  • Orchestration
  • Open interfaces/APIs

About Cloud Native RAN Certification

About Cloud RAN

As the industry is increasingly adopting 5G, flexible and scalable solutions are needed to fully deliver on the 5G promise. Cloud RAN is about meeting the requirement for edge computing as an enabler for new use cases. Furthermore, operators are looking for ways to benefit from the private wireless business opportunity. Cloud RAN can be referred to as Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN). Its characteristics include agility, flexibility, and openness. Nokia Cloud RAN brings the needed agility for operators and industries. It complements the existing network assets, helps operators build synergies with enterprise on-premises cloud, and paves the way for 6G.

What is Cloud RAN?

Cloud RAN introduces an architectural evolution to Radio Access Networks. It means that RAN hardware and software are disaggregated: To take full advantage of the cloud-computing model, the functions are built with cloud-native design. With RAN virtualization, it is possible to use shared edge infrastructure for edge cloud deployments. This architectural evolution is about introducing 5G radio capacity for new services in the enterprise space.

About the Professional Certificate

Prepare for a career in the dynamic RAN Market. This is the first certificate to start your CloudRAN journey. This is a futuristic technology course and is vendor agnostic. So this course will deep dive into the fundamentals of Cloud-native RAN. This certification does not require any pre-requisite. Start straight away and enhance your knowledge on CloudRAN. Once you have deepened your knowledge on the technology then we would suggest you to test your knowledge through the Cloud-native RAN professional Certification. This certification helps to understand concepts on Microservices, DevSecOps and gives you a holistic view of the Cloud-native RAN technology.

Target audience:

This technology certification is suited for Communication Service Providers or Enterprise audience who intend to gain knowledge on the Cloud Native RAN technology. University students who would like to understand concepts on Cloud Native RAN are also welcome to take this course.

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