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Certification and exam badges

Display your achievements and get the recognition you've earned.

Digital. Secure. Verified.

Digital badges are an indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be managed, displayed, shared, accessed, and verified online. Nokia has partnered with Credly’s platform to provide you with trusted digital versions of your credentials. 

Digital badges are awarded to anyone who becomes Nokia or Nuage Networks certified or passes an exam. 


Badge types

Certification badges


NRS I badge

You will be awarded a certification badge for each certification that you achieve from our available certifications.

Exam badges


Segment Routing exam badge

You will be awarded an exam badge for each exam that you achieve from our available exams.

Share your skills

  • Easily manage, share and verify your learning achievements
  • Secure verification adds credibility to your achievement
  • Access promotional offers and learning pathways available only to badge earners
Badge earner
badging metadata

Get recognized

In this competitive landscape, it's not always easy to translate your skills by listing your accreditations. 

Digital badges go one step further. Hiring managers can view your badge profile to learn the skills associated with each exam and certification.

These digital representations of your experience are also equipped with metadata uniquely connected to you. This allows employers to quickly establish your competency for the role without the need for external verification.

When someone views your badge, they can learn more about your skills and verify the badge’s authenticity — ensuring only you can take credit for your skills.

Nokia badging process

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