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NSP System Administration

Course number: OS00121-V-2200
Course duration: 3 days
Price: $2,395 US

Course overview

This hands-on instructor-led course enables the learner to develop a solid theoretical and practical understanding of NSP systems management, security and maintenance tools and procedures .  Begin by learning the key relationships within the NSP system architecture, including Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, RHEL, NSP cluster and NSP system components.  Understand how to secure Kubernetes and the internal NSP subsystems and services through TLS certificate management.  Discover how the “Kubectl” command line tool simplifies management of the Kubernetes cluster.  Learn important NSP component-specific admin procedures such as start/stop, status retrieval, and enabling logs.  Understand the different NSP system databases and how to perform backup/restore procedures.  Verify and monitor overall NSP system health and performance using tools such as Kibana, Grafana and log files.  And finally, view how to manage NSP user access control by creating/modifying users, user groups, roles and resource groups. This course is based on NSP version 23.4.

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:


  • Explain the NSP deployment architecture
  • Describe the NSP Kubernetes platform architecture
  • Describe the integration between NSP and NFM-P
  • Explain and demonstrate TLS certificate management
  • Demonstrate Kubernetes administration
  • Demonstrate NSP component-specific administration
  • Understand the different NSP database and how they interwork
  • Demonstrate how to perform database backup and restore tasks
  • Demonstrate multiple third party tools that help to monitor Kubernetes and the NSP such as Kibana, Grifana and Prometheus
  • Describe how to view and collect NSP log files
  • Describe how to configure NSP global alarms settings
  • Describe standard NSP troubleshooting procedures
  • Explain and demonstrate NSP user access control

Course modules

Module 1 – System Architecture


  • NSP system architecture
  • NSP Kubernetes platform architecture
  • NSP communication requirements
  • NSP + NFM-P integration
  • NSP configuration file (nsp-config.yml)


Module 2 – Security Management

  • TLS certificate management


Module 3 – Kubernetes and NSP Component Administration

  • Kubernetes administration
  • NSP component-specific administration


Module 4 – NSP Databases Administration

  • NSP databases overview
  • Databases backup
  • Databases restore


Module 5 – System Health / Performance Monitoring / Troubleshooting

  • Supporting administrative interfaces
  • Log files
  • Alarm management
  • Troubleshooting process


Module 6 – OS and NSP User Management

  • NSP system user types
  • Role-based access control for NSP web applications
  • NSP user accounts
  • NSP user session management


Module 7 – NSP Global Settings

  • NSP system settings
  • NSP map layout