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Demonstrate your expertise with an
industry-recognized certification


Set yourself apart with certification

Establish yourself as a network management and automation leader. The first certification is the Nokia Certified NSP IP Network Automation Professional focuses on building fundamental automation skills using programmable APIs, workflows and intent-based networking.

You can prepare to certify with our self-paced or instructor-led training to ensure you develop the required technical skills while preparing you for the certification exam. This training is not necessary to take the certification exam but is recommended.

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Nokia Certified NSP IP Network Automation Professional

Learn the foundations of IP network automation and how Nokia’s Network Services Platform (NSP) drives automation using programmable APIs, workflows and intent-based networking.

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Why get certified?

Retain Employees

A 2018 LinkedIn Workforce Survey said, “93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers”.

Increase Your Productivity

Save time and become more efficient by developing a deeper technical understanding that can be achieved through certification.

Improved Confidence

Increase your status and credibility among your colleagues and peers through industry-recognized certification.

Earn digital badges 

Digital, secure, and verified indicators of accomplishments that can be managed, displayed, shared, accessed, and verified online.

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How to prepare for certification

Self-paced learning

Master essential NSP skills at the time and place of your choosing.

Instructor-led learning

Take your skills to the next level by gaining hands-on experience with instructor-led training. 

Access the student portal

The Student Portal is a personalized and secure website that enables you to manage your program activity, certifications, exams, and make purchases online.