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US Federal Defense

US Federal Defense

Innovate and lead with smarter networks


Lead with ultra-connected innovation. Improve agility, resiliency and security with better response

With the digital age here and ready, you can put cutting edge innovations and automation to work for the US Department of Defense, and other federal mission-critical networks. 5G, IP, IoT, and new data center technologies can help the US DOD improve agility, resiliency, and situational awareness – while at the same time ensuring a defense-in-depth approach to network security.

Explore the latest technologies, solutions and more.

5G Intelligent Connected Base

Automate your defense base operations and deploy innovative applications


Digital age networks

Network Security

Leadership, strength and innovation

Leadership, strength and innovation

9 Nobel prizes

with Nokia Bell Labs


mission-critical networks


5G patents


commercial 5G deals

#1 in Private wireless

180+ customers


IP Edge Routing worldwide


Total IP Routing in North America


Packet Microwave

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