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Networks for unified retail commerce

Build a network foundation for unified retail commerce

Transition your network and IT infrastructure to support multichannel digital capabilities that unify retail commerce and customer touchpoints. Our solutions let you build an agile and secure network that supports all locations, handles massive volumes of data, increases efficiency, and provides a better customer experience while lowering your operating costs.

Challenge: Today’s consumers expect a unified digital service experience

Highly connected, digital-savvy consumers expect real-time satisfaction when they interact with retailers based on:

  • A unified experience for all interactions
  • Anytime, anywhere, and anything on-demand access
  • Personalized service that is fast and easy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Brand encounters that fit their lifestyle

But traditional technology infrastructures make it tough to address these demands.

Solution: A private network and hybrid cloud architecture for unified commerce

A flexible, private-hybrid cloud architecture can support business and digital requirements. It makes it easy to deploy and manage new services and digital functionality that enhance the online and in-store experience, including:

  • Digital merchandising
  • Voice-enabled applications
  • Video analytics
  • Augmented reality
  • Shopping behavior analytics
  • Mobile point of sale (POS)
  • Mobile wallet
  • Biometric authentication
  • Cross-channel fulfillment

Choose hybrid cloud

57 percent of large enterprises are currently running a hybrid cloud architecture

Prioritize cloud

80% of enterprise organizations follow a cloud-first strategy, prioritizing cloud applications

Invest in cloud

80% of IT budgets, from those with a cloud-first strategy, will be invested in cloud by 2018

Transform your network infrastructure

Unified retail commerce requires an aware and adaptive technology infrastructure that senses, directs, and changes as needed. Innovative cloud and networking technologies make it easier to transform your business to a unified commerce model.

Nokia can help you transform your IT infrastructure to support multichannel digital capabilities that unify retail commerce. With our network and cloud solutions, you can build a robust network foundation that will increase your operational efficiency and lower your costs.

We can help you create a private wide area network (WAN) that enables the delivery of highly connected, digitally enhanced, unified commerce. Our private WAN solutions support secure private cloud infrastructure that helps you:

  • Execute processes and use resources more efficiently
  • Operate in a more agile and responsive way
  • Improve visibility, control, and security across all parts of your business
  • Scale your network dynamically
  • Provide innovative products and services to customers across multiple channels
  • Satisfy and retain more customers

With a Nokia private WAN infrastructure, you get:

  • Flexible and reliable bandwidth to support increasing volumes of customer data
  • Agile and dynamic provisioning to deliver services where and when needed
  • Flexible SLAs to meet customer service and application metrics
  • Multi-layer security to protect confidentiality of consumer data
  • Traffic engineering to ensure resiliency for specific customer applications
  • Advanced network services to enable convergence of legacy and new services
  • Application-aware networking to prioritize different applications and services
  • Real-time analytics and reporting to understand how the network is performing

Our optical networkingIP/MPLS connectivity, and software-defined networking (SDN) solutions provide the foundation for a network-connected private–hybrid cloud infrastructure that speeds processes, balances resources and demand, and eliminates waste. With a state-of-the-art network underpinning your infrastructure, you can use a wide range of applications, such as IoT or cloud-based communications, to enhance customer applications and experience.

To learn more about private WAN deployment models, read our white paper "Building a private network for digital transformation and enterprise cloud."

Make a fast move to unified commerce

Make a fast move to unified commerce


Build your IT and network infrastructure with Nokia. Our networking and cloud solutions provide agility to address new demands and capitalize on new digital capabilities. They speed your transition to a model that unifies and enhances business and consumer touch points while improving operational efficiency and reducing your total cost of ownership.


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