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7750 service router

Get performance, scale and flexibility for your IP functions and services

The Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR) portfolio delivers the high-performance, scale and flexibility to support a full array of IP services and functions for service provider, webscale and enterprise networks.

Services includes:

  • Enterprise (Provider Edge)
  • Residential (Broadband Network Gateway, Distributed Access Architecture)
  • Mobile (IP anyhaul,  IPsec gateway, WLAN gateway)
  • Value-added services (includes IP network security, Application Assurance, CG-NAT)

Infrastructure and network functions includes:

  • Core/backbone router
  • Peering router
  • PoP edge
  • WAN aggregation
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Data center edge
  • Data center gateway
  • Data center interconnect

Featuring breakthrough in-house-designed FP router silicon innovations and our proven Service Router Operating System (SR OS) software, the 7750 SR portfolio includes the 7750 SR-s series, 7750 SR series, the 7750 SR-a series, and the 7750 SR-e series.

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Features and benefits of the 7750 Service Router

High-performance routing

  • Scales system capacity from 200 Gb/s up to 345.6 Tb/s and has the flexibility to optimize any network location
  • Leverages the Nokia FP4 and FP5 network processor to provide deterministic packet forwarding performance at scale, even when processing-intensive operations are required
  • Provides high-density Gigabit Ethernet (GE), 10GE, 40GE, 100GE and 400GE interfaces with flexible optical breakout and pay-as-you-grow licensing options

Comprehensive capabilities

  • Addresses the full spectrum of IP routing requirements with extensive IP/MPLS, QoS, segment routing and SDN capabilities enabled by our feature-rich and highly robust SR OS
  • Supports advanced telemetry models to stream flow-level data and insights in near-real time for network automation and DDoS security
  • Provides highly available service delivery mechanisms that maximize network stability and minimize service interruptions

Platform versatility

  • Addressing the full range of routing roles on a common platform with extensible SR OS software licensing
  • The resources of the Nokia 7750 SR Extended Services Appliance (ESA) extends specialized packet processing for deeper levels application capabilities and greater processing scale
  • Accommodates Ethernet port expansion and maximizes port efficiency through Nokia 7210 SAS-S-series satellite systems

Security by design

  • Comprehensive router control, data and management plane protection
  • IPSec, MACsec and ANYsec to secure IP networks
  • Advanced DDoS mitigation implemented within our FP4- and FP5-based routers

Network automation

  • Enables model-driven network element management using YANG-based data modeling for programmability, and model-driven interface support includes NETCONF, gRPC (gNMI and gNOI) and the model-driven CLI (MD-CLI)
  • Enables multivendor SDN control and integration through OpenFlow, Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP) and model-driven network element management
  • Works with the Nokia NSP to automate network management and optimize resources across IP and optical networks
7750 SR Family

7750 Service Router resources

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