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IP network automation use cases

Reduce risk and speed up implementation with prepackaged software and services

If you’re looking to accelerate the automation of your network but don’t have the resources to do it in the timeframes you need, our catalog of prepackaged network automation use cases can help.

Network automation has become a top operator initiative  

Today’s competitive environment demands that you get maximum value from your network. But networks are becoming more complex, which makes it tougher to reduce operating costs and increase agility.

Automation helps you create a new kind of network that is more responsive, efficient and reliable – and simpler to operate. Technologies such as model-driven management, intent-based networking and advanced analytics enable multivendor networks to self-configure, optimize their performance in real time and recover from failure events.

The quantitative benefits of IP network automation

See how much impactful cost and time you can save via gradual implementation of automation to your IP network, and learn how to prioritize your investment.

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The quantitative benefits of IP network automation

Is automating easy?

Automation is meant to reduce network complexity. But it can be difficult to implement.  

Choosing the right automation tool is an essential first step. But it’s just as important to have skills that will help you integrate the tool into your network environment and use it efficiently and effectively. These skills are rare and expensive to acquire.  

Project management is also critical to a successful automation journey. You need a thorough plan that provides answers to critical questions right from the beginning:

  • Where should we start?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?


How to make automation deployment predictable

We have built a catalog of predefined use cases that will help you quickly introduce a broad set of automation functions into your IP network.

The catalog covers all aspects of the network services lifecycle: equipment configuration, service fulfillment, network assurance and traffic optimization.

We treat use cases as products, with their own lifecycle, to reduce risk, speed up implementation and ensure predictable results.

Before you start with one of our use cases, you’ll know:

  • What business outcome it produces
  • How long it will take to implement
  • How much it will cost
  • How it works
  • What product features and services it requires

automation deployment

A bundle of tools and services

We implement our use cases using a combination of feature and automation packages.

Feature packages consist of off-the-shelf NSP software functionality for network configuration, provisioning, assurance and optimization. If you use NSP today, you may already have these packages. Automation packages implement the use cases into specific service provider environments.

They combine professional services and software artifacts such as workflows, intents (deployment templates), network adaptors and custom reports.

Accelerate time-to-market with Nokia automation use cases

Save time and reduce risks at every step of the project.

Choose the use cases you need

Our catalog covers a wide range of use cases for automating all aspects of the network lifecycle.

Network and service discovery

Use an automated and deterministic approach to reliably discover and visualize the network elements, physical topology and existing services

Network and service assurance

Harmonize operational visibility and enhance proactive resolution capabilities

Solve real business challenges

Our use cases help you solve business challenges and achieve business outcomes that drive efficiency and profitability.

Improve operational efficiency

Key use cases

  • Network and service discovery
  • Service fulfilment
  • Network lifecycle management

Business outcomes

  • Service creation time reduced from 12 to 5 weeks
  • CSP saved €800k in OPEX for card swaps (4,300 cards)
  • Order pipeline sped up by two quarters

Open new revenue streams

Key use cases

  • Service fulfilment
  • Network and service assurance
  • Analytics enablement

Business outcomes

  • 8 to 9 times more revenue than present mode of operation

Lower MTTR and reduce churn

Key use cases

  • IP-optical multilayer

Business outcomes

  • $US2.8M revenue loss avoidance through reduced truck rolls and churn. Download the paper

Deferred or reduced CAPEX

Key use cases

  • IP-optical multilayer
  • Path placement, optimization and simulation

Business outcomes

  • 4 month deployment cost payback
  • 24% increase in path placement

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