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Automating IP services delivery over a multivendor network

Automating IP services delivery over a multivendor network

Tier1 CSP in Brazil with Nokia NSP

A leading Communications Service Provider (CSP) in Brazil providing advanced wireless, Internet, TV, smart home and business services over world-class LTE and fiber networks.


This CSP delivers IP business services to its enterprise customers through an IP network consisting of routers from several vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Nokia). It was operating those services using a legacy provisioning tool, which was costly and inefficient. With this tool, this CSP suffered from the following issues:

Slow and error-prone operations

Highly dependent on manual interventions in the network to complete service provisioning tasks

Lack of ability to innovate

Prevented operational innovations such as cost-effective network-wide automation and traffic engineering

Limited services support

No support for newer services, such as E-VPN, which are required to support the evolving needs of the CSP’s customers


The CSP replaced its legacy provisioning tool with the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) that easily integrates with the existing OSS via its northbound interfaces. The NSP manages third-party, provider edge (PE) routers that support the CSP’s portfolio of business services to enterprises. In this role, the NSP:

  • Provides automated service fulfillment with its agile, model-driven approach
  • Replaces the legacy third-party vendor tool and provides the ability to automatically provision services across multivendor IP/MPLS network domains
  • Improves current IP/MPLS management practices seamlessly by supporting existing daily operations (reuses existing MOPs, scripts, tools) while providing a path for operational innovation
  • Optimizes network utilization while maintaining services performance with network-wide traffic engineering


Operational efficiency

Enables fully automated and error-free operational processes

Cost savings

Significant operational cost savings by using a modern management platform across multivendor domains

5G ready

Easily adaptable to quickly create new revenue-generating services

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