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Multi-Access Gateway

Deliver a seamless broadband experience everywhere

The Nokia Multi-Access Gateway lets you converge wireline and fixed-wireless access so you can deliver an affordable, reliable and seamless broadband experience to every customer.

What is a Multi-Access Gateway?

Broadband access is essential for enabling people to connect with each other and the cloud. But many homes and offices are underserved because no single access technology can cover all their connectivity needs. How can broadband service providers overcome this digital divide?

The Multi-Access Gateway plays an essential role in delivering residential broadband services by managing and controlling network access policies for subscribers and connected user devices. Over the years, it has evolved from a Broadband Network Gateway for copper and fiber-based wireline access to a versatile multi-access gateway that can aggregate a wide range of wireline and wireless access technologies.

With our Multi-Access Gateway, you can cost-efficiently expand connectivity and coverage for gigabit internet, IPTV, HD video streaming and conferencing, social media, online gaming, virtual team collaboration, and low-latency compute and storage in the multi-access edge cloud.

The leading edge for the best broadband experience

The Multi-Access Gateway leverages our market-leading 7750 Service Router (SR) family, which is powered by our breakthrough FP network processor technology and proven Service Router Operating System (SR OS).

The 7750 SR and SR-s edge routers use FP4 and FP5 silicon to support ultra-scalable subscriber management, granular bandwidth management and line-rate DDoS filtering. With these capabilities, your residential broadband customers can enjoy HD video content without glitches and play online games without lag spikes or disconnects. Telecommuters can access the cloud and conduct video conferences without hiccups. Everyone wins with a great broadband experience.

You can personalize and differentiate your broadband offer by deploying service appliances in the form of integrated line cards (ISA) or externally connected devices (ESA). Service appliances enhance the BNG user plane with value-added service functions such as network address and port translation (NAT), video quality monitoring (VQM), deep packet inspection (DPI) for assuring over-the-top applications, and stateful firewall services to restrict access to mature, malicious and unlawful web content.

How can you personalize and optimize your solution?

A flexible SR OS software licensing scheme lets you tailor system features and functions to your specific access needs, service mix and deployment requirements. Model-driven APIs and Python scripting give you extensive programmability to customize service behavior and ensure that the BNG can interwork with back-end operations support systems.  

The solution lets you choose integrated deployment on Nokia 7750 SR or virtualized service routers or a disaggregated deployment model. The disaggregated deployment model adds operational flexibility by separating control and user plane functions (CUPS) based on open interface standards defined in Broadband Forum specification TR-459. This allows you to optimize bandwidth capacity and latency by distributing user plane functions, and to virtualize and independently scale out control plane functions in a data center.

Multi-Access Gateway use cases

Our Multi-Access Gateway enables you to maximize capacity, reach and revenues by using a full range of fixed and wireless access services to deliver fast and reliable broadband everywhere.

  • Wireline access: xDSL, FTTx, xPON, hybrid fiber coax
  • Fixed-wireless: Carrier Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, 5G New Radio
  • Wireline-wireless convergence: 5G NSA, evolution to 5G SA
  • Multi-user: Retail and wholesale consumers, business access
  • Multi-service: Internet access, IPTV/VoD, VoIP/IMS, VPN/VLL

Why deploy the Nokia Multi-Access Gateway?

Expand the capacity and reach of your broadband services

  • Implement a multi-access strategy to deliver affordable and reliable broadband anywhere.
  • Manage subscriber access on a multi-access gateway to optimize costs.
  • Choose from a range of platform options to optimize performance.

Simplify your operations and streamline service delivery

  • Enable seamless single-sign-on user access with a broad range of authentication methods.
  • Personalize and automate services with Python scripting and model-driven APIs.
  • Integrate or disaggregate user and control plane functions to optimize deployment needs.

Ensure a superior broadband user experience anywhere

  • Rely on our industry-leading FP routing silicon for blazing speed and deterministic service performance.
  • Apply granular policy control per subscriber, device, and application.
  • Automatically detect and mitigate congestion on shared access media and protect users against DDoS attacks.

Solution components

The Nokia Multi-Access Gateway solution is supported on 7750 SR-s, 7750 SR, 7750 SR-e and 7750 SR-a edge and aggregation routers, as well as the Nokia Virtualized Service Router (VSR).

Your optimal platform choices and configurations can be determined by many different scaling dimensions and factors, including your service mix, deployment model and addressing scheme. For more details, please see the Nokia 7750 SR platform data sheets or contact your Nokia sales representative.

The Nokia Network Service Platform (NSP) provides management, automation and assurance of the Multi-Access Gateway solution.

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Demonstration of Nokia Multi-Access Gateway for scaling broadband services


Scaling 5G Fixed-Wireless Access User Plane Function (UPF) in 5G Standalone mode

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