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Strategic network for data-intensive applications

Upgrade and simplify your strategic network with a mission-critical IP WAN

To support new IP-based military applications, defense strategic networks need to evolve to all IP. Combining leading IP/MPLS, packet microwave, and optical transport technologies, Nokia provides a resilient, secure, converged mission-critical strategic communications WAN solution. It lets you benefit from the latest communications advances — and cut network OPEX — without compromising security.

Challenge: Inefficiencies of legacy network architectures

Existing defense backbone networks often combine multiple, siloed networks built with differing technologies, equipment, and management systems. Many of them are also reaching technology end-of-life, making them hard to maintain. As a result, they’re inefficient, costly to operate, and don’t scale for upcoming data-intensive services.

Solution: Modernize communications with a strategic IP WAN solution

Nokia can help you build a resilient, converged, multi-services strategic network that supports both legacy and new IP-based applications. Our strategic WAN for defense solution offers highly reliable performance, mission-critical survivability, and cost-effective operations, along with seamless support for today’s most powerful data and video applications.

Simple evolution

Support legacy applications without disruption, while seamlessly adding new services

Optimal security

Get multi-layered security and certified encryption to keep critical information and soldiers safe

Lower costs

Simplify operations with a unified, shared IP/optical WAN — which can serve all forces while reducing costs

How we help you deliver crucial data

The Nokia mission-critical WAN solution allows any type of information to be shared — reliably, quickly, and securely — across your command, control, and military bases. With its multi-tenant architecture, the WAN can be shared across all services to further reduce operational expenses, without compromising information confidentiality.

Mission-critical service availability
Our IP WAN solutions are designed with redundant equipment and power supplies — and support any network topologies and features that enhance resiliency.

Network security
Our solutions provide multi-layered protection, including certified encryption, built-in packet intelligence, service-aware firewalls, IP network analytics, and optical intrusion-detection technology.

Flexible service evolution
You can support today’s legacy applications, while adding new data and video services. Our quality of service management gives crucial traffic the highest priority.

Streamlined cost-effectiveness
Nokia IP WAN solutions also deliver ease of use and lower costs, with unified multi-layer network services management that simplifies operations.

Start modernizing your strategic network now

Start modernizing your strategic network now

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