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Why our approach is different

Unification cloud for financial services

Unify your entire IT environment to yield consistent and efficient operations globally

This Nokia use case describes how even the most complex IT and application environment can be unified for consistent and efficient global operations — without the disruption of rip and replace. Plus, you get mission-critical network control and security, and reduce your TCO by at least 25 percent.

Challenge: Growth and acquisitions drive manageability and cost challenges

Financial services firms typically grow organically and via acquisitions. Within the firm, there can be multiple data center, wide area network, and even public cloud environments, each with their own complexities and strengths. IT teams struggle with ongoing operations challenges and often do not have the time to redesign, migrate, and replace the entire environment.

Solution: Unify the most complex legacy environment into a global cloud

The Nokia cloud architecture overlays even the most complex enterprise environment without forklift upgrades, providing globally consistent operations. By federating this unified environment across data centers and across a unified WAN environment, each subsidiary, data center, and application can get fast and reliable performance worldwide.

Budget friendly

Create a manageable enterprise-wide environment within existing resources

Homogenized operations

Uplevel your environment for consistent, mission-critical operations globally

Longer asset life

Upgrade existing assets without a forklift and utilize formerly stranded assets more effectively


Why our approach is different

Unifies a diverse financial services environment into a coherent, unfied cloud without forklifts or infrastructure limitations

Provides fine-grained yet automated controls essential for large-scale, complex financial services clouds

Reduces TCO by a minimum of 25 percent compared to the original legacy environment


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