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Community and sustainability

We are engaged in several community and sustainability programs across India in the field of education, capability and capacity building, as well as supporting communities and underprivileged. Our active CSR programmes in 2018 are aligned with Nokia’s global themes of Corporate Community Investment of connecting the un-connected and saving lives.

Developing Digitally Integrated Villages – Smartpur : Our constant effort is to optimize resources and ensure impacting communities positively in a world of rapid digital progress, and our programmes aims to be digitally inclusive. With this objective, we launched an innovative and integrated social program called “Smartpur” with our partner NGO Digital Empowerment Foundation. The programcombines the dividends of digital empowerment with those of socio-economic empowerment. The project will be rolled out across 500 villages that will use digital connectivity to improve the community's access to education, health, finance, livelihoods, governance and entertainment. Community owned and operated wireless networks is being leveraged for the purpose. This will bridge the digital divide and impact areas that will help to make these villages progressive, self-sustained and self- reliant.

Under the project, clusters of 10 villages are created based on hub and spoke model where the hub village hosts a digital center with telecom connectivity to provide ICT-enabled, primary services across each of the 5 pillars to rural community. The spoke centers will further extend these services to neighboring villages. In phase 1 of the project, 20 villages have been digitally integrated in Haryana and Tamil Nadu. In phase 2, the project has been scaled-up to up to another 80 villages across UP, Rajasthan, Telangana, Karnataka. Subsequently, it will be extended to another 400 villages over a period of 5 years.

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Developing Digitally Enabled weaver’s hub – Kanchiloom: Kanchiloom is a cluster development program to digitally empower the weaver community and connect them to technology and the marketplace in 3 villages within Kanchipuram. The initiative implemented by Digital Empowerment Foundation envisions to aid handloom weavers of Kanchipuram with ICT knowledge and resources to help them enhance their skill and livelihood. The project will provide training and easy access to internet and wireless connectivity to 5,000 community members, including 500 weavers.

Building resilience in children and their communities against risks and disasters: In a country like India, where 17.74%* of the world’s population live, social security measures are minimal.This makes communities vulnerable to disasters. This situation is grave for the underprivileged who lack the wherewithal to fight back in case of any natural or manmade disaster in their lives. Keeping this vulnerability in mind, a pertinent approach towards helping the underprivileged communities is to build their own resilience mechanisms. This is even more needed for the children hailing from these communities, whose vulnerabilities are far higher. In view of this critical need we at Nokia committed ourselves to building resilience among vulnerable communities and especially children. We conceived a dual approach for increasing preparedness, prevention, early response, mitigation and socio-economic protection, all of which build resilience. One approach is to address disaster risk reduction and the other is to ensure protection of the vulnerable through social schemes provided by the Government of India. With the help of our project partner Save the Children, we made school children more secure, contributed to district disaster management plans, created a group of early responders, promoted technology to connect people in times of need and helped many in mitigating risks that arose from disasters. Some key highlights of the project are:

  • 3500 task force members have been endorsed by district administration
  • 393 task force members have been selected as first responders
  • 370 households rescued by task forces during disasters
  • 1279 kgs of grain distributed as emergency response from the grain banks
  • 350 village disaster management plans have been endorsed by PRI members of District Collectorate
  • 3.08 crores INR received by applicants of various social protection schemes

To know more about these projects, please access Annual CSR Report 2017-18.

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