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MBiT Index 2024

MBiT Index 2024: Mobile data traffic in India increased with a CAGR of 26 percent in the last five years and reached 17.4 EB per month in 2023

Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index

Nokia MBiT Index is an annual report on mobile broadband performance in India. It aims to provide valuable insights, data and analysis of mobile broadband and traffic growth by co-relating these trends with various demand and supply-side drivers of the connectivity ecosystem including devices and traffic usage patterns.

MBiT Index 2024

The 11th edition of the MBiT report evaluates

  • The evolution of mobile data traffic in India and the role of 5G in driving a significant shift in data consumption while ushering in a new era of connectivity
  • The growth pattern and trends for 5G and 4G mobile data traffic and sheds light on the device ecosystem
  • The emerging trends for 2030 (including cybersecurity, advances in AI, ML, metaverse, cloud tech, etc) that will unlock the potential of a vibrant, collaborative solution ecosystem.

Key highlights of MBiT Index 2024

  • Mobile data traffic in India reached 17.4 EB per month in 2023 with a CAGR of 26% over the last five years
  • Average mobile data per user grew to 24.1 GB per month with a y-o-y growth of 24%
  • Solid growth in mobile data traffic across all circles with 5G’s traffic share in metros reaching 20%
  • 5G users on average consume up to 3.6x more data compared to 4G users; 5G FWA users consume up to 2.5x more data compared to normal 5G users
  • 5G device ecosystem in India is evolving at a fast pace, with around 17% of the active 4G devices are 5G capable
  • Technologies associated with the Metaverse, AI/ML, Cloud and Web 3.0 will have some of the greatest impact towards 2030.

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