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Nokia in Switzerland

The Swiss market is very mature, with mobile penetration over 100% and also a very high fixed broadband penetration. We understand the pressure our customers face from falling prices and we are helping them respond by developing the kind of new services that will generate fresh revenues and helping keep their costs down by improving operational efficiency.

Our customers include Salt., SBB, Sunrise, Swisscom and UPC.  Nokia based in Switzerland has offices in Zürich and Lausanne. This strong local presence is backed by close links to key resources throughout Nokia’s global organization.

Our comprehensive product portfolio of mobile broadband network infrastructure is complemented by our service offering, with service professionals ready to serve our Swiss customers. Our well-established services organization includes expertise in project management, consulting, planning and integration. We also have long experience in building and operating mobile networks. Our customers also benefit from 24/7 care services, countrywide spare part management and our first line maintenance organization.

Nokia in Switzerland

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