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HEIF Solution

Advancing the next generation of image storage and distribution

The way people capture, store, and share images is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Now is the time to bring image storage and distribution to the next level.

Seize the opportunity with the Nokia read/write engine for high-efficiency image file format (HEIF), which takes full advantage of the new format’s cutting-edge capabilities. Implement HEIF with Nokia and gain faster time-to- market, patent protection, and first access to future innovation.

Decrease your production timeline by months

The source code for HEIF implementation is packaged for immediate integration. Skip lengthy development stages and focus on what’s next.

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Join us on the leading edge of new HEIF breakthroughs

Nokia helped drive innovation in ISO/IEC 23008-12 image standards and will continue to enable more use cases to shape the future of image management. Gain first access with the Nokia HEIF Library.

HEIF breakthroughs

Protected investment in HEIF implementation

By using the HEIF implementation from Nokia, brand manufacturers have an efficient solution from a trusted source.

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Broad HEIF image use-case coverage

Nokia HEIF solution is compatible with both HEIF (ISO/IEC 23008-12) and MIAF (ISO/IEC 23000-22) standards.

The Nokia HEIF implementation can read and write:

  • Still images, image collections, associated thumbnails, and related metadata such as EXIF or XMP information
  • Image sequences such as cinemagraphs or image bursts and related metadata
  • Unprocessed and processed images in the same file with proper label and reference
  • Image derivation information such as rotation, overlay, and grid view along with the images, so that different image derivations can make use of the same image data set
  • Auxiliary image data such as depth maps and alpha channel along with the images
  • Audio tracks and cover images along with still images and image sequences

The Nokia HEIF implementation can read:

  • Image protection–related information