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Industrial partners

We partner with leading companies who make and sell products and solutions for vertical markets such as utilities, energy, Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply chain, Transportation as well as Government and cities. Combining their products, expertise and reputation with our communication solutions, we jointly deliver new innovative services in those segments and drive new market penetration.

Energy and resources

Nokia's communication solutions enable energy and resources companies such as mining, oil & gas, and power utilities to modernize their communications to enter a digital era with greater automation to deliver enhanced safety, efficiency, and reliability as well as new business models.

We partner with equipment suppliers and integrators to help customers accelerate their realization of these benefits of digitalization and automation while optimizing their risk.

Manufacturing, supply chain and logistics

It’s expected that by the end of 2020 the entire industrial manufacturing industry will have saved $52 billion dollars through industry 4.0 technologies. High performance, easy-fit, industrial grade private wireless solutions bring the automation and flexibility to help manufacturers and logistics companies optimize productivity and lower their costs of operations while protecting their data and intellectual property (IP).

Nokia brings a broad ecosystem of partners to enable new applications and use cases while providing the technical experience and support to unleash the full potential of Industry 4.0.


Our mission-critical networking solutions enable transportation companies including railways, airports, air navigation service providers, MROs, airlines, port authorities, and terminal operators to automate their operations, improve efficiency, defend against cyber threats, and reap the benefits of digitalization. Our partners bring the in-depth industry knowledge and expertise that complement the Nokia digital automation, 4G/5G private wireless, FRMCS, IP/MPLS, optical offerings and more.

Public sector

At Nokia, we are committed to helping governments and cities in their quest to build more attractive, sustainable and safer communities. Public safety networks can benefit from the advantages of fast and reliable broadband data and real-time video services, opening up new communications possibilities for rescue missions and disaster recovery situations. We help cities across the world transform and connect to the future and we support Government Driven Broadband Initiatives solutions for community, national and rural broadband access.

We partner with local ecosystems as well as global infrastructure investment platforms and integrators to successfully conduct those large-scale critical projects.

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