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Android Developer Preview Program Supplement

Gültig ab 17. April 2023

This statement supplements HMD Global Privacy Policy for products and services.

You can help us to improve our products and services by joining Android Developer Preview Program. In case you participate in our developer program, you will get a pre-release version of our software and we process data concerning the issues you report to develop our products and services. Data concerning issues is collected from your device automatically whenever you report an issue.

Data concerning issues you report is used to improve the functionality and performance of the software prior to its release to the general availability as well as to ensure that the device and its software are compatible. If we, for example, notice that the operating system is not optimized for the device, we can improve the system performance in the next software build. We can share anonymous data (no identifiers) with third-party app developers to help them improve their applications and services.

Android Developer Preview Program for developers
Why are we processing your data?What is the basis for processing data?What data are we processing?
Development of our products and services: We process data to improve the quality and performance of our products and services. This means, for example, improving the device and applications, enhancing the battery life, and providing more efficient features and services.Your consent: You can opt out from the developer program from your MyDevice App.Android Developer Preview Program data: First name, last name, email, phone identification number (IMEI), network details, country, developer program version, operating system details, and issues reported.

How long is the data retained?

Android Developer Preview Program data is retained for 12 months from the developer program termination or until a consent is withdrawn.

Do we transfer personal data?

What personal data is transferred?Who are the recipients of the personal data and their locations?What are the transfer safeguards?
Android Developer Preview Program dataCloud platform in the EU/EEAData in the EU/EEA

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