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Nokia X71 user guide

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Nokia X71

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Apps and services

App Market and preloaded apps

Your Android phone can live up to its full potential with App Market.

Download apps

Download apps
  1. Tap App Market.
  2. Tap the search bar to look for apps, or select apps from your recommendations.
  3. In the app description, tap INSTALL to download and install the app.

Installed apps are available in the Apps menu. To see your apps, go to the home screen and swipe left.

System applications:

App Market: Download and upgrade apps Browser: Browse internet Clock: Provide time information and other clock functions Calendar: Display dates and provide task management File management: Browse and manage files Call: Make calls and manage contacts Contact: Store and manage contacts Messaging: Send and receive text messages Camera: Take pictures and videos Gallery: Browse and edit pictures Smart tuner: Ensure device security protection and operational enhancement features Phone cloner: Assist in data migration from old phone to new phone Global roaming: Provide data services in global roaming condition Theme store: Download and install 3rd party themes to customize desktop. Voice assistant: Helps user to operate device via voice conversations.

System applications provide basic functions. To ensure that the device works properly, you are not able to remove the system applications.

Native applications:

Note: Record reminders, notes and tasks Recorder: Record audio memos Calculator: Basic and scientific calculator functions Weather: Real time weather forecast and information Music: Play music

Native applications provide common functions. To uninstall a native application, tap and hold the app icon and and drag it to the uninstall area in upper-right area of the screen.

3rd party applications:

Weibo: Social networking applications (service provider: Sina) Baidu Maps: Map tool iqiyi: Video content provider Aiqiyi: News tool Meituan: Life services ZhangYue: Reading tool Ximalaya: Audiobook Baidu Input: Input method

Pre-installed third-party apps are apps developed by third-party companies. To uninstall a third-party app, tap and hold the app icon and drag to the uninstall icon at the top of the screen. Or tap Settings > Apps and Notifications.

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