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Enterprise smartphones with security from Finland

The world’s broadest Android Enterprise Recommended range. Security that stops hackers in their tracks. The latest Android™ user experience. And the legendary dependability of Europe’s leading smartphone brand.

Mobile security

Stay ahead of the hackers

Android Enterprise Recommended Nokia smartphones defend your data with comprehensive multi-layer security. And three years of monthly updates1 keep your business safe from the latest threats. Whatever the hackers throw at you.

Security is a huge concern for every business, so we’ve made it our number one priority. That’s why every Android Enterprise Recommended Nokia smartphone comes with monthly security updates for three years1. Sorry, hackers. This is goodbye.

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Why secure?

If you’re relaxed about hacking, you haven’t been hacked. The average data breach costs businesses $3.8 million and, according to IDC, 40% of businesses have had one in the last 18 months2. Endpoint security for mobile devices can be a major headache. Nokia smartphones protect your business with comprehensive, multi-layered security.

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Why Android?

Android’s multi-layer security structure is designed to give hackers the cold shoulder. In fact, Gartner research found that Android is the highest-scoring mobile operating system, with top marks for 26 out of 30 key security criteria3.

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Why Nokia smartphones?

Pure, secure and always up-to-date – our Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones come with three years of security updates and two years of Android OS upgrades. They’re also free of unnecessary apps or bloatware that slow you down.

The broadest range

Secure at every price point

Why compromise?

Whichever Android Enterprise Recommended Nokia smartphone you choose, you get two years of Android software upgrades and three years of monthly security updates1.

And with the world’s broadest choice of Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones, you can choose the best device for every user’s needs.

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Counterpoint study

Nokia phones ranked #1 for software updates and security

Nokia smartphones are always getting better. With 2 years of software upgrades and 3 years of monthly security updates, our commitment to delivering on this promise means that we rank highest for software updates and security, putting us ahead of everyone else. Check out the study from Counterpoint to find out more.

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CCS insight study

Android-Powered Nokia Smartphones: New contenders in the enterprise mobile device market

HMD Global, the company behind Nokia phones, is becoming a key player in enterprise mobility and workplace transformation

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Accon avm uses Nokia smartphones for secure FMI enterprise communications

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HMD Connect Pro

Everything connected, everything under control

Keep your IoT devices and personal use smartphones securely connected and your workforce online, all while managing connections and controlling costs from a single central management console.

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1Two years of Android software upgrades and three years of monthly security updates is counted from the global sales start.

2IDC WhitePaper Pillar 1, 2019

3Gartner Study, When Android Is Secure Enough for the Enterprise, 2018