Nokia smartphones on Android™

Keep business secrets safe

Up-to-date security

Security threats and malware evolve every day, so it’s crucial that your smartphone is always secure and up to date. Thanks to monthly security patches for all Nokia smartphones, you can feel safe and protected. For a summary of Nokia Smartphone Security Maintenance releases, please click here.

Latest Android™ enterprise innovations for your business

All Nokia smartphones come with multi-layered Android platform security which is kept up-to-date with the latest Android innovations. Thanks to the regular system updates and upgrades, you won’t have to worry about your Nokia smart phones becoming out-dated anytime soon.

EMM compatibility

Thanks to pure Android without legacy, proprietary APIs, Nokia smartphones are EMM compatible. This means you will save time and money when enrolling Nokia smartphones onto your chosen EMM solution. All Nokia smartphones with Android Oreo also support Google Zero Touch enrolment for a seamless setup and deployment of corporate-owned devices.

Smart and easy

The pure Android experience ensures every Nokia smartphone is dependable and simple to use, having eliminated bloatware that drains your battery and takes up valuable storage space. With an extensive selection of smartphones and accessories to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

A smartphone your business can rely on


Nokia smartphones are designed to make your work more secure, efficient and more productive. Explore the Nokia smartphone range to discover secure, bloatware-free, up-to-date devices built to improve your business.

For the most demanding business cases, a Nokia smartphone rigorously tested by Google is sure to deliver. Discover them here.

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