Environment and sustainability


Working towards better phones and a better planet

Corporate social responsibility

Real action towards sustainability

Nokia phones are associated with trust and integrity. Through our CSR policies and the actions we take to enforce them, those values are something that we not only maintain, but build on. The proof is in our EcoVadis rating.

Action, not words

At HMD Global, we have a series of rigorous policies and procedures in place to ensure that environmental, social and human rights matters are considered with the utmost importance. We audit our suppliers and even our own operations to ensure the compliance of our agreed CSR policies. To that end, we have reached EcoVadis Gold level, ranking in the top 5% of EcoVadis medal-holders.

Our products

Phones built to last

Our products

Phones built to last

By designing durable phones made from high-quality materials, Nokia phones are not devices that need replacing frequently. In fact, our phones keep getting better. We deliver software upgrades for 2 years and security patches for 3 years. We believe that a phone that lasts is a simple, yet highly-effective way to reduce the ecological footprint.

Materials and energy

Lowering the environmental impact

European recycling directives

Reusing precious resources

Just like bottles and cans, phones can be recycled so that their materials can be reused. We adhere to European legislation aimed at reducing the impact of electronic waste, helping to turn old junk into new phones.
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