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Nokia 2660 Flip

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Nokia 2660 FlipWelcome to the flip side

Why Nokia

Talking and texting made easier

Stay connected with the people you care about. Nokia 2660 Flip brings signature Nokia reliability to an easy-to-use flip phone.


Keep your loved ones closer

With a battery that last for days, you can chat when the feeling takes you. Reach emergency contacts with the dedicated button.


Rigorously tested to last

Nokia 2660 Flip has been rigorously tested to ensure its durability, and its tough polycarbonate shell comes in three elegant colors1.

Nokia 2660 Flip

It can make calls, send texts, and take pictures. It’s even got a torch and an FM radio, and... that’s about it. No panic charging, no distracting notifications – just plenty of battery life, freedom from your socials and the original retro photography. Welcome to the flip side.

Full specifications

Built for ease

The big buttons and big screen make texting and calling simple.

FM radio

For sport, music and broadcasts, with or without a headset.

Hearing Aid Compatibility

Combine with loud sound settings for great call quality.

Stay reachable

A battery that lasts for days. Reach emergency contacts with the dedicated button.


Flip Mode: activated

Take it to the next level with two new colours. Stand out with Pop Pink or keep calm and carry on with Lush Green.

Big display and buttons of Nokia 2660 Flip


Big buttons. Big display.

Texting and calling has never been easier thanks to the big buttons and a clear 2.8” display with easy-to-use interface.

Emergency button of Nokia 2660 Flip

Emergency button

An emergency button for peace of mind

Quickly reach up to 5 of your contacts in with the dedicated emergency button – it can be easily accessed whether the phone is open or closed.

Favorite stations with FM radio on Nokia 2660 Flip

FM radio

Your favorite broadcasts with FM Radio

Listen with earphones or through the hands-free speaker and enjoy your favorite sport, music or broadcasts at home or on the move.

Charging cradle accessory with Nokia 2660 Flip


An easier way to charge

Nokia 2660 Flip is compatible with a charging cradle², so you can store and charge your phone in one handy place.

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Variations on offering may apply. Check local availability. All specifications, features and other product information provided are subject to change without notice. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

¹ Variations on offering may apply. Check local availability.

² Charging Cradle sold separately.