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Circular subscription rewards

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A better tomorrow with phone subscriptions

What goes around comes around. And with Circular, the subscription service for Nokia phones, there is plenty of good to go around.

Seeds of Tomorrow

Subscribe. Earn. Donate.

For every 6 months that you’re an active Circular member, you’ll earn a Seed that you can donate to environmental causes. On the second year, that increases to 2 Seeds every 6 months, and on the third year, 3 Seeds every 6 months. So, the longer you use a subscription device, the more you can help out these environmental causes.

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Give someone the gift of the Internet

The lifespan of your Circular device doesn’t simply hit a dead-end. Keep the same subscription device for 3 years and when you renew, we’ll donate it to The Unconnected. With over 3 billion people in the world without access to the Internet, their mission is to get more people online so they can access more opportunities.

Read their Mission

Plant trees with Ecologi

You can help out the planet by supporting Ecologi in their mission to fund the best climate crisis solutions and tree planting efforts around the world. To date, our customers have already helped plant over 180,000 trees.

Read their Mission
  • Donate for 1 year: plant 22 square meters of trees
  • Donate for 3 years: plant a mini woodland

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