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Effective date June 15, 2021

Softlock Solution Supplement

To finance your Nokia device purchases, HMD Global’s partners offer a financing program that allows you to purchase devices in easy installment plans. The device can be sold with a pre-loaded Softlock solutions. Softlock will check the eligibility to a financing program during the first time use and after each factory reset. If the device does not belong to a financing program, Softlock solutions remain idle. If the device belongs to a financing program, Softlock solutions function according to the financing program terms. For example, the device can be locked if the payments are overdue, or until the relevant payment as agreed in relation to the payment plan has been paid.

Information collected by Softlock solutions includes, for example:
• Phone identification number (IMEI)
• Phone model
• IP address
• Information about the software crashes and errors

We process this information only for the purpose of providing Softlock solutions for the devices and to identify the device to be locked and unlocked in accordance with the financing program terms.

Softlock solutions can be implemented using service partners in certain countries. In such cases, there can be data transfers between the device and servers of such service partners.

The financing program itself is provided by a third party partner. Hence, by buying the device together with the financing program from the third party partner, you agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of such partner. Please check the relevant terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully.