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Nokia 106

Settings for Go to

You can add quick links to different applications and settings to Go to.

Edit Go to settings

On the bottom left-hand corner you have Go to, and when you select it, you can access different applications and settings. You can change the applications and settings to your liking.

  1. Select Menu > > Go to settings.
  2. Select Select options.
  3. Scroll to a shortcut you want to add on the Go to list on the home screen and Mark them.
  4. Select Done to exit the list, and Yes to save changes.

You can also reorganize your Go to list.

  1. Select Organise.
  2. Scroll to an item you want to move and select Move.
  3. Select if you want to move it up, down, to top, or to bottom of the list.
  4. Select Back to exit the list, and Yes to save changes.

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