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Nokia 7.1 user guide

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Nokia 7.1

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Listen to your favorite music wherever you are.

Play music

  1. Tap Play Music > menu > Music library.
  2. Tap the artist, album, song, genre, or playlist you want to play.

Pause or resume playback

Tap pause to pause and play_arrow to resume.
Tip: To play songs in random order, tap shuffle.

Create a playlist

Organise your songs into playlists, so you can listen to music that fits your mood.

  1. When playing a song, tap more_vert > Add to playlist.
  2. To add a song to your new playlist, tap NEW PLAYLIST, or, to add a song to an existing playlist, select the playlist from the list.

Add songs to your phone

If you have music or videos stored on your computer, but want to access them on your phone, use a USB cable to sync the media between your phone and computer.

  1. Connect your phone to a compatible computer with a USB cable.
  2. In your computer's file manager, drag and drop your songs and videos to your phone.
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