It just keeps getting better

Only with Nokia smartphones

While others pack their phones full of apps that weigh you down over time, we start with a pure, fresh version of Android™ that will only get better.

While others push updates that slow you down, our updates bring you the latest Google innovation that keeps learning the more you use it.

And while others might only upgrade their flagship phones, we upgrade our entire portfolio.

With Nokia smartphones, it just keeps getting better.

Pure Android

Better starts with the best

All Nokia smartphones come out of the box with a pure version of Android that delivers the best experience possible: no clutter and free monthly security updates that improve your experience over time. This means you’ll have easier access to all of the latest services from Google, with nothing to stand in your way.

Platform upgrades

Peak performance

Why stop with just updates? Across our entire smartphone portfolio, we’re committed to providing you with two years of Android platform upgrades as well. Nokia 5, for instance, was launched with Android 7.0 Nougat; it was upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo™ and is now up to date with Android 9 Pie. We ensure that your Nokia smartphone is equipped with the latest and greatest innovation from Google – no matter when you bought it.

Android™ 9 Pie

The power of artificial intelligence

With your Nokia smartphone running on Android 9 Pie, the power of artificial intelligence is truly unleashed, bringing you a more tailored experience that improves the more you use it. With new features like Adaptive Battery and the Adaptive Brightness, it learns your preferences as you go to keep things running smoother and easier for longer.

Learn more about Android 9 Pie

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