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Nokia 7.2

Use your camera like a pro

Use the different modes in you camera to enhance the quality of your photos.

Learn about your camera settings

In the Camera app, tap menu to learn more about each setting.

Blur the background of your photo

If you want to be able to change the focus area of your photo after you have taken it and blur the background of your photo, use the bokeh effect when taking a photo. Edit your photo with Super Portrait Editor and try out the different background blurring effects. You can use the bokeh effect also with selfies.

  1. Tap Camera > Portrait.
  2. Take aim and focus, and tap panorama_fish_eye.
  3. Select the photo you just took, you can see it in the bottom right corner.
  4. Tap tune > Portrait editor to edit your photo.

Take a beauty shot

Even after a long night, you can still look your best. Take a selfie with the beauty filter.

  1. Tap Camera > .
  2. Tap Portrait > > , and drag the slider to your liking.
  3. Tap panorama_fish_eye.

Take a night shot

To take high quality photos at night or under low light circumstances, switch on the Night mode. Tap Camera > Night and follow the instructions on your phone.

Take a wide-angle photo

To take beautiful landscape photos, switch on the wide-angle mode. Tap Camera > . To go back to normal mode, tap > .

Set the camera to Pro mode

Tap Camera > Pro.

Take photos with a timer

Want to have time to get in the shot too? Try out the timer.

  1. Tap Camera.
  2. Tap . The button shows the timer setting. To change it, tap it again.
  3. Select the duration of the timer.
  4. Tap panorama_fish_eye.

Take high quality photos

You can take 48 MP photos with your back camera.

  1. Tap Camera > menu > Photo Resolution > Photos from rear camera.
  2. Select 48MP.

When you select 48MP, some camera features are disabled.

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