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The fingerprint sensor is not working properly on my Nokia 9 PureView. What should I do?

Once you have registered a fingerprint, you can use that finger to unlock your phone. To unlock your phone, place your registered finger firmly on the sensor marked with this symbol fingerprint located on the display . Allow a moment for fingerprint recognition and your phone will unlock when the fingerprint scan is successful.

To keep your phone secure, the fingerprint scanner will only accept accurate fingerprint scans when unlocking your phone. If your finger is too dry or oily, the fingerprint scanner may not be able to read your fingerprint accurately. Please also bear in mind that the fingerprint sensor may become unresponsive in cold temperatures. For optimal performance, we advise that you keep the device above 0°C (32°F).

If you cannot access your phone using any of the secure unlock methods (fingerprint recognition, face ID, pattern, swipe or PIN code), your phone will need to be serviced.

For more information, contact your phone’s retailer or your nearest Nokia phones care center.

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