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Replacement warranty offer Terms and Conditions

  1. Replacement warranty offer is applicable only for select Nokia devices purchased in Saudi Arabia.
  2. The Replacement warranty terms are to be read in conjunction with the standard Manufacturers limited warranty included with the respective devices. (See - https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_sa/support/topics/warranty-finder)
  3. Consumer to retain original invoice to be eligible for the Replacement warranty offer.
  4. Offer applicable only for hardware failure/manufacturing defects as detailed in Manufacture’s limited warranty. Decision to offer the device replacement will be at sole discretion of Manufacturer.
  5. Where battery and back cover are removable from the existing consumer’s devices, the Manufacturer may at its discretion use the same battery and back cover for the replacement device.
  6. Replacement devices under this offer may be from fresh or refurbished stocks at the Manufacturer’s discretion.
  7. For any issues (i) not covered in the aforementioned terms or (ii) due to any issues not covered under the standard Manufacture’s limited warranty, the device may be repaired/replaced on chargeable basis.