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Android™ developer preview for mobile app developers

Nokia phones Android™ 12 developer preview program

Welcome to the forefront of Android

Update 05 January 2022

Android 12 is rolling out

What’s new?

Thanks to your valued feedback, the official Nokia X20 Android 12 build has now been released in all approved markets. Only a few approvals are pending and these are listed in the Nokia phones community forum.

We have now closed registrations for the Nokia phones developer preview program. From all of the team, a big thanks for your contribution. We hope you enjoy your Android 12 experience.

Important Notes

Please review the points below before proceeding with the registration process:

  • Android 12 developer preview builds (ADP) are early Android OS releases and are intended for application developers only – they are not recommended for general use.
  • Although strenuously tested by our development team, the builds may exhibit performance and/or stability issues in some cases.
  • Some applications downloaded from the Google Play Store may not be supported (either in full or in part) and may show signs of instability.
  • Online support is limited and may not be available to help users who experience difficulties with flashing the device.

If you have any doubts on whether these builds are suitable for your use, we recommend you do not continue with developer preview registration and await the official market release.


Please note, we may not be able to offer Android developer preview builds to devices on certain network providers.

Ready to get started?

  • Open the My Device app on your phone, click on the Support banner at the bottom, and scroll down to “Android developer preview”.
  • Allow the app to check your IMEI (so we can check eligibility of device), agree to the software license terms and conditions, and after checking the Important Notes, confirm you’re happy to continue.

Learn more about Android developer builds on the Android Developer Preview site:

Get developer preview over the air 

Over-the-air (OTA) is the easiest way to get your hands on the new Android developer preview builds. Due to image file size, it is recommended that users download builds over Wi-Fi.

For existing ADP users, the new build will be pushed automatically to your device – no need to request the update.

New ADP users should note that after you request the update, the build will be available to you within 12 hours and you'll get a notification on your device when it is ready to install.

Alternatively, if you want to try and get the build sooner, wait about 20 minutes after requesting the build (so we can get the build synched with your IMEI) and then try a manual push request from Settings > About Phone > System Updates.

You can now test your apps! Don't forget to let us know what you think – you’ll be helping with software improvements and enhancements later down the line.

Please report any issues through the pre-installed Customer Feedback app as this is the quickest way we can take in your issues in for further review.

Also, feel free to discuss your experiences with other developer preview users in the Nokia phones community. 

See Nokia phones Android developer preview license terms. 

Rollback to official release

We really hope you’ll continue with ADP and give feedback through the Customer Feedback app, but if you’d prefer to return to the official release software, you can do so by requesting a rollback through the My Device app.

Advisory notice:

  • Please remember that rollback to an official market release will result in the loss of user data. We recommend that you periodically back up any important data such as contacts, call logs, pictures, videos, music, installed apps, chat history, SMS history, notes, etc. You may also need to re-install any applications previously downloaded.
  • Ideally, your phone should be fully charged, but a minimum of 60% charge is recommended.
  • Please note you will not be able use the phone – including any attempts to make an emergency call – until the installation is complete and the phone has booted into a stable state.

You’ll still be a member of the Nokia phones Developer preview program and be able to request ADP builds should you so wish.


If you wish to unregister from the Nokia phones Android developer preview program, you must first roll back all devices in your account to the latest general release Android version.

Android and Google are trademarks of Google LLC.