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Nokia 8 V 5G UW

Use your camera like a pro

Learn about your camera settings

In the Camera app, tap menu to learn more about each setting.

Blur the background of your photo

If you want to blur the background of your photo, select the portrait mode and try out the different background blurring effects. You can use the portrait mode also with selfies.

  1. Tap Camera > Portrait > .
  2. Tap a mode and use the slider to select how strongly you want to apply the effect.
  3. Tap panorama_fish_eye.

Take a night shot

To take high quality photos at night or under low light circumstances, switch on the night mode.

  1. Tap Camera > > Night.
  2. Tap panorama_fish_eye.

Take a wide-angle photo

To take beautiful landscape photos, switch on the wide-angle mode.

  1. Tap Camera > > .
  2. Tap panorama_fish_eye. To go back to the normal mode, tap .

Take a macro photo

With the macro mode, you can capture even the tiniest details to your photo.

  1. Tap Camera > > .
  2. Tap panorama_fish_eye.

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