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The reasons to choose a Nokia phone

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Why choose a Nokia phone?

Reliability that lasts

When you buy a Nokia phone, you get a device that’s in it for the long run, matched by up-to-date security and Android features. Because when our devices last longer, that helps save on natural resources and reduce the amount of e-waste.

Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable

Nokia smartphones bring together sleek Nordic design with the latest Android features. They’re affordable, reliable, and part of a growing push towards more sustainable practices. Simply put, a Nokia phone is something you can just feel good about.

Trusted and Secured

Our phones are where we capture, share, and relive memories. Nokia phones get 2 years of monthly security updates – that's 2× more than the competition¹. Plus, our own data centers reside in Finland where they are subject to stringent European data protection laws.

Built to Last

The less we replace our phones, the more we help the planet – and Nokia phones are built to last. They undergo product testing that is more rigorous than the industry average, and with years of Android upgrades and security updates, the software stands up to the tests of time, too.

Find your Nokia phone

Whatever you’re looking for in a mobile device, there’s a Nokia phone for you. Explore our device series and discover yours.

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¹Selected Nokia smartphones receive in total 36 security updates from the global launch date of the device. Other smart phones in the same price point receive on the average up to 16 security updates during their life cycle.