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Secure your data, be resilient and respond fast

Today, cyber threats are sophisticated and constantly evolving.

Protecting your data – and your customers’ – is a top priority for your organization. Ultimately, your success and reputation depend on robust, resilient and intelligent security.

Detect the anomalies

Security software automatically learns and builds profiles of IoT devices. It filters threats by consolidating and correlating data from a wide variety of sources. Effectively supercharging security data with contextual intelligence – and alerting you to any unusual activities.

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Contain every threat

Software constantly updates cyberthreat detection algorithms. You can proactively identify, contain and prevent data loss. The result? Fewer outages and degradations, which help you preserve revenue, improve customer experience, reduce costs and exceed compliance.

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Protection that’s proven

Intelligence normalizes and contextualizes data using analytics, so you can save time and increase resilience. That means fewer false positives, smoother workflow for alerts, better collaboration, optimized security resources and a sharper focus on urgent security events.

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Make security seamless

Software integrates alerts into an automated workflow. This comprehensive command and control enables incident response teams to perform at their best. With more clarity and visibility, you can see protection in action and cut costs, confusion and frustration.

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Connect intelligence from the network and business to deliver rock-solid security.

We connect people, machines and data intelligently. So you can predict, detect, contain and mitigate cybersecurity issues – in real time. All before threats become problems for you and your customers. When you secure your business in digital time, you’re always a step ahead.

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