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Realizing the potential of digital

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Driving Nokia’s next phase of growth

Networks are the key enabler for the digitalization of industries and the realization of the broader potential of the metaverse. We see opportunity to grow our business, expand into adjacencies and transform our business model. As we enter our next phase of growth, we’ve identified six pillars of success and four enablers to achieve them.

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Leading the digital transformation of every industry

As we enter the next technological era, digitalization will be key to unlocking massive gains in sustainability, productivity and accessibility. Networks will be critical to this transformation, and we see our increasingly valuable role in driving it.


The increasingly valuable role of networks

To capture the full value of emerging technology, our customers need the performance that only networks, alongside cloud, can deliver.


Our driving force: technology leadership

Beyond innovation in our business groups, our research is propelled by Nokia Bell Labs, winner of multiple Nobel Prizes and global leader in disruptive research on networks, software, AI, automation and IoT. We invest in emerging technologies through NGP capital and our incubator program.


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