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Opportunities in our 4 sites in Finland

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Opportunities in Finland

Finland is the location of the Nokia headquarters and a key location for research, development and manufacturing for Nokia. Our offices are in Espoo, Helsinki, Tampere and in Oulu, close to major technical universities.

These sites play a significant role in advanced technology development and in creating products and solutions for mobile networks as well as management systems. Finland also hosts Nokia Technologies which focuses on our licensing business, covering patent, brand and technology. Finland also is a key location for Nokia Bell Labs with unrivalled track record of innovation - 9  Nobel prizes. Finland leads in Nokia patents by having produced 54% of all Nokia global filed patents in 2017!

Each site has its own focus area: Espoo is the end-to-end mobile solutions center; Helsinki focuses on software, Oulu specializes in the radio technologies; and Tampere is the center for network and cloud management.


Espoo & Helsinki i.e. Capital Area

Our global head office functions are in Espoo. In the Helsinki Capital Area, Nokia teams focus on mobile networks and cloud product development in general, on software business as well as on advanced radio and mobile networks research.



In Oulu, the focus is on the radio HW and SW development, including 5G technologies, new product introduction with specialized radio factory, and system-on-chip development.



Our Tampere site continues to be a specialized technology center focusing on network and cloud management as well as on system-on-chip development.

Meet Our Talents

Talita, Engineer, SoC, Mobile Networks, Tampere

Kevin, Senior Software Engineer, Nokia Software, Helsinki

"The best thing about working at Nokia is to see the results of your own work come alive in actual products. Nokia is a great place to work, here employees have lots of freedom and they are trusted."

 Niko Kortström
Niko Kortström / Engineer, Mobile Networks, Espoo

"What I most like about working at Nokia is the relaxed but confident atmosphere that comes from the skilled people around me. It is great that at Nokia people have the chance to develop themselves and use the gained skills in different projects."

Eino Virtanen
Eino Virtanen / Software Engineer, IP/Optical Networks, Espoo

Finland hosts one of Nokia’s three laboratories with a full network environment available 24/7 to the global R&D teams for testing. The company also has its own frequencies (GSM, WCDMA, LTE and 5G) for research and development purposes.

Nokia is an active player in the local Finnish ICT ecosystem. It has a strong cluster of Finnish partners such as universities, research institutions, operators and other organizations involved in telecommunications research, with which it enjoys a strong R&D collaboration.

The factory in Oulu is a central part of Nokia’s global manufacturing network. In Oulu, we also have new product introduction in our specialized radio factory.

As the market leader in Finland, Nokia provides infrastructure and services to major local operators and other service providers and is an integral partner in the development of their mobile broadband business.

Nokia Finland in figures

Nokia Finland in figures